Journey, Learning How To Cure Gastritis Naturally

I have officially decided that I am going to learn how to cure gastritis naturally. I am no longer going to attempt to use the drugs that the doctors have given me. I am no longer going to rely on anybody else but myself for the rest of this journey. At some point you need to ask yourself if its worth it to spend all that money on doctors bills when they continue to let you down over and over again. My first idea I got from a site called the idea is to start using aloe vera gel every day to help heal my intestines and my stomach wall. I will be drinking 2 mixtures of aloe every day for 4 weeks. As soon as the 4 weeks is up I will let you guys know exactly how it went. 

My next Idea actually came straight from  and it says that I should completely rid my self of alcohol and drugs. Now I don't take drugs but I do drink quite a bit of alcohol. I am going to stop drinking alcohol for 6 weeks and see if my symptoms improve at all. If I am going to beat this and learn how to cure gastritis naturally I am going to have to rid myself of any toxins that I am putting into my body. Natural Is the way to go and alcohol is bad for you anyway.

After a couple of different ideas I found online, I also came across something called licorice tablets, apparently these are supposed to repair your stomach lining and keep your insides healthy. I have been told to take 2 tablets before every meal and I am going to do this for a good 6 weeks and share my experience with everyone. This seems like it will be an excellent addition in my journey to learning how to cure gastritis naturally. I will update with my results when I can! 

So now that I have a general idea of what exactly it is I want to do, I am going to start my journey as of today. I will try and keep everybody updated with some of my future posts. Make sure to stay tuned because I actually have a very good feeling about this one. No alcohol, aloe vera and licorice tablets. These are going to be my main tools in learning how to cure gastritis naturally. Eventually I hope I can go back the living life the way I used to before all of the bull crap happened to me. One can only hope in days like this. 

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