Everything That I Hate About Gastritis 

Before we get into any of this, let me first explain my situation to you guys. I have been having severe stomach pains for almost 3 years now. As well as that I have severe vomiting and nausea, when I eat a meal I feel so bloated. It feels like I just swallowed a balloon and its sitting inside my stomach. I have been to the doctors almost 20 different times and they have yet to do much of anything for me. They just give me Prilosec OTC and send me on my way and tell me to come back in a few weeks. This has been going on for a very long time. I finally decided that I was going to give up on the doctors and try and fix it myself. Because obviously they have no Idea what they are doing. So I started searching for some natural solutions online to my problem.

Here are the main things that I hate about having gastritis, they just absolutely drive me up the wall.

1. Whenever I want to go out to eat with a few friends I have to sit there and watch them eat delicious food while I am sitting there eating a salad. This is probably the most annoying feeling ever, sometimes I will slip up and have a little bit of their food but I know I will suffer for it later on.

2.Being bloated sucks, sometimes I will feel so full and bloated from such small meals, Its very uncomfortable, as we speak I am feeling incredibly bloated from having a cup of yogurt. It almost feels like there is a bowling ball inside my stomach. Very frustrating.

3. I have to be prepared to vomit whenever I eat certain foods, If I eat something that I am not supposed to eat. I almost always end up throwing it up, its and incredibly horrible experience to vomit certain foods. Sometimes it ruins the foods for me and I can never eat them again. 

4.Explaining my problem to each and every person I hang out with is an absolute nightmare. Some people just do not understand that I can not do or eat certain things. Gastritis is not something that I take very lightly, and when people do not understand It makes me angry. 

5.Vomiting in front of people due to my gastritis is embarrassing, but sometimes I just can not hold it in and I have to vomit. I always carry a plastic bag on me just in case I have this problem. Not a very fun experience and you can see how It could drive people away from being around me. 

6. Exercise hurts me, I miss being able to go for a run without being in pain. This is why I am trying all I can to fix my gastritis. I want this terrible problem gone as soon as humanly possible. I want to be able to go play some tennis whenever I feel like it or go swimming. For now its just not a possibility.

Now if you are suffering from gastritis then you know exactly how I am feeling. Hopefully we can find a cure for this! 

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